The following are frequently asked questions we have received by interested buyers worldwide along with our responses.

Can I come anytime to see the property? What is involved in seeing your properties for sale.

We require at least one week advanced notice of your arrival before we can confirm the travelling itinerary. There are chances if we are in town that we can look at properties the same day located within Puerto Princesa City. The following are our transportation policies.

Transportation Policy
If our driver and our vehicle then you pay gas expense.
P1,500 for Puerto Princesa tour
P3,000 from Narra to Roxas
P4,500 further South or North from those locations.

If a van needs to be rented then the viewer/buyer needs to negotiate with the van company and pay them directly. All other expenses including boat rental, food for the driver and in other expanses will be shouldered by the viewer/buyer.

All expenses incurred during the tripping will be reimbursed or deducted from the price of the property upon closing.         

I am a foreigner interested in buying a lot in Palawan. Can Foreigners own Lands in The Philippines?

Foreigners are not allowed to own lands in the Philippines, same as in Thailand, Indonesia, and some other Asian countries.

But foreigners can set up a corporation in the Philippines with a Filipino partner and where the foreigner owns 40% and the Filipino partner, 60%... and have this corporation buy lands in the Philippines. This way, the foreigner through this corporation owns 40% of the lands purchased.

Or foreigners can just find a Filipino (a Filipino trustee) that he can hire to buy lands for him. The foreigner will use this Filipino's name to purchase properties, but this Filipino will sign a long-term lease contract that says he leases the land to the foreigner for 25 years (renewable for another 25 years). This Filipino will also execute a SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY authorizing the foreigner to DO WHATEVER HE WANTS WITH THE LAND, SIGN DOCUMENTS PERTAINING TO THE LAND, and ACTUALLY SELLING THE LAND. This Filipino will surrender all the original copies of the property documents (TITLE, tax declaration, etc.)

With the LEASE CONTRACT, SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY, and ALL ORIGINAL COPIES OF PROPERTY PAPERS HELD BY THE FOREIGNER, the foreigner has control of the land even if it's under the name of a Filipino.

It's up to the Foreigner how much he will pay to the Filipino for the service. Just be considerate to the Filipino as he is still the person authorities will run after for taxes for the land, etc.

What is the difference between a Titled and a Tax Declaration property?

Settlement in Palawan has largely taken place over the last 30 years, and much of the land remains untitled. Settlers  who have come here have, in many instances, settled on and improved land. In so doing they have also declared the land for tax purposes, and taxes have been charged as if the occupant were an owner of a titled property. Such a property can be sold, so long as the owner has proper documentation, and is referred to as a Tax Declaration property.

A titled property is a more secure purchase, being more fully defensible in law, and the title is fully documented at the Registry of Deeds. That security is usually reflected in the price. For those seeking to buy with the greatest security, a titled property is recommended. However, Tax Declaration properties are less secure and some such properties can be titled later, but it depends on the classification of the land. It is always prudent to seek the advice of a qualified real estate lawyer here in Palawan.

I leave the country twice a year for over a month at a time. Who reliable can I get to look after my property and vehicle while away?

Traditionally a foreigner would trust this responsibility to his partner/wife's family or native workers, however we have heard many complaints over the years from these kind of
arrangements. A more reliable alternative is to hire a Property Management company to make site visits and email you pictures while away. They can pick up your rent, deposit your money and even pay your bills while you are away. There fees are usually reasonable and is a small price to pay for peace of mind. One such company in Palawan can be found at they may not cover all of Palawan so I would contact them.

Who reliable can I use to maintain my property until I am ready to build after I buy it?

You should hire a professional
landscaper while you are away or all year round. There are many months during our summer where we see low amounts of rain. There are many horror stories of whole gardens, flower beds and farms dehydrated and dead due to poor or unknowledgeable gardeners who accidentally destroy the property's vegetation. A professional landscaping service can clear, maintain and plant all types of tropical vegetation. They should even be able to email you progress update with attached pictures or video. One such company in Palawan can be found at and can be contacted as an alternative to leaving your property to chance.      

I've seen some Palawan beachfronts for sale on the internet listed with official sounding names. Do all beaches in Palawan have a name and why do none of your listings have names?

Most beaches do not have
official names unless they are a part of a cove like Nagtabon Beach located in one Barangay (neighborhood) of Puerto Princesa City or a popular tourist destination like Long Beach in San Vicente located across several Barangay. What you are referring to sounds like a marketing gimmick and I would be wary of brokers/agents anywhere who make up phony names for titled property in Palawan and cannot produce to you the name registration certification. If they misrepresent in the little things, they may also on the bigger things when it comes to your investment.   

All of our beach properties are clean titled and most are back by a money back guarantee. Our real estate team can also perform the following services; documentation processing, title and transfer service, property tax remittance, supply local business address for mail, take and forward phone messages, Check-up on your property, vehicle storage and maintenance while you are away and much much more.

When you purchase through us you are also buying peace of mind… We guarantee it.

I see many Islands on sale in Palawan. Some have cottages on the water. How can an Island and the water be titled and what
happens if it is washed away or falls back into the ocean?

Most Islands in Palawan are only under a tax declaration. The few Islands that are titled have had applications made and approved for an official
certificate of title. large Islands are made up of many separate titled lots and can have many different owners from around the world. An owner can apply for a Special Land Use Permit (SLUP) and if approved will give them special permission to lease the water in front of the property for various uses. If those structures are washed out, callapse or are otherwise destroyed due to stormy weather, then that is the risk/cost of doing business. However, Palawan is uniquely positioned in the South China Sea to avoid most typoons, tsunamis or earthquakes.

I want to buy a beachfront in Palawan for the purpose of setting up a resort. Can I stop people from selling goods on my beachfront and can I build structures on the beach?

All beaches in Palawan are considered public land. The Government has gone to great
lengths to protect the coast line from private owners obstructing the beachfronts for their own private uses. I would suggest negotiating with one or two venders for exclusivity in setting up a small beach souvenir outlet hut at one corner of your lot. In exchange for this privilege they can pay a monthly rental fee and keep your beachfront free from the wondering 'salesman'.

Beachfronts in Palawan have a 20 meter salvage zone. This means that all permanent structures cannot be build closer than 20 meters from the highest tide. Some establishments in El Nido, for instance, have come into conflict with the Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR) for building their resorts on the beachfront. This lowers the resalable value of their businesses as at any time the government could demand the removal of the structure. You can put us temporary structures like bamboo benches umbrella tables that are anchored into the sand but are movable.      

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